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Brabham Fence has been serving our local South Carolina clients with top quality fence design and construction for nearly 20 years. Over that time, our Charleston SC fence company has learned what makes an excellent fence project is not solely a beautiful design, quality materials, or skilled installation – though certainly all of these are also essential.

It is professionalism, care, and an unmatched devotion to delivering upon our customers' expectations which has allowed us to build our decades-long legacy here in the Palmetto State. Ever since opening our doors as a Charleston local fencing contractor, we have maintained these standards for our company and take pride in delivering an impeccable client experience every single time.

Whether for your home, business, or construction site, we offer a wide range of fence materials and designs, with expertise in helping our customers match the perfect fence to their project needs.

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How To Start A Project With Our Local Charleston SC Fence Company

We'd love to discuss your vision and needs at no obligation. Helping clients as they work to assess their desired specifications, design, and materials is one of our greatest skills and top pleasures of the project. Simply contact us for a free estimate.

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Considerations For Your New Residential or Commercial Fence

There are many factors to consider when assessing your new fence project, and the great news is that you certainly do not need to figure all of them out before you begin designing and planning your project. In fact, helping you figure out your own preferences along with the necessary logisitics below is fundamental to the customer service experience for all our Bradham clients. 

Size, Shape, & Regulations – Especially for new fence construction in Charleston, Summerville, Mount Pleasant, and surrounding areas of the South Carolina Lowcountry, it's important to research and assess any historic preservation or homeowners association rules which may apply to your project. Oftentimes, these regulations have guidelines or instructions to which the size and shape of your home or business fence must adhere. Whether strict regulations exist or not, it's of upmost important to evaluate what dimensions matter most to you the owner, and work to ensure your fence can meet the specifications you hope to achieve.

Materials & Design – This is the fun part. Are you looking primarily for form, function, or a combination of both? Is privacy or safety your greatest concern, or is architectural aesthetic the top priority? Typically, a fence represents a meaningful investment into a permanent structure for your home or business, so it pays to weigh your options carefully up front. The choices you make will impact the value of your own enjoyment as well as your property value for years to come.

Timeline & Budget – No construction project can happen effectively without paying attention to timing and investment. At Bradham, we know each customer has their own needs and wants when it comes to the pace and pricepoint of their project. It's one of the reasons we put so much focus on the planning and estimating process at the beginning of each project. Our goal is zero surprises – which means finding any possible way to make the economics and schedule of your project work for you. 

Ready to have an initial conversation and begin planning your next fence? 

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