Commercial Ornamental Fences – Columbia & Charleston, SC

Brabham Fence can enhance your commercial fence project with an attractive decorative ornamental fence.

This high quality fence is available in both steel and aluminum and can add both beauty and security to your property or project. Decorative ornamental fence is offered in commercial, industrial, as well as high-security grades with a wide variety of styles, options, and colors, and grades. The powder-coated finish on all products offered by Brabham Fence will add life expectancy to your fence and provide you with a low-maintenance product with a full manufacturer’s warranty.  

Add appeal to your Columbia or Charleston commercial property

Brabham knows a fence is more than just a fence. A fence can say a lot about the area and if it is a location that appeals to you. For instance, chain-link is usually to block something off, vinyl is typically used for a residential yard, but an ornamental fence says something different. An ornamental fence conveys class and sophistication. When a decorative fence is placed in a public/commercial space, it's inviting and assuring. To gain attraction, trust, and aesthetic for your commercial business an ornamental fence is a step in the right direction.

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