Brabham Fence has a variety of privacy and security options for you.

Whether you are protecting your business or meeting a zoning code requirement, we have a variety of privacy and security options for you. The classic commercial grade privacy Wood fence, or the maintenance free vinyl fence are always a simple solution to add privacy to  your property. There are also privacy options (slats or windscreen) on chain link along with barbed wire, that can combine with high-security options such as razor wire or no-climb systems. Brabham has extensive experience having performed work from prisons to military facilities to your inventory yard.

Brabham Fence also has multiple temporary fencing options for your job site and can provide an affordable and practical solution to keep your site safe and compliant. We focus on the end result, which is keeping your site safe and are more flexible to work with general contractors than some of the large temporary fence providers that are not full-service fence companies.

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